Interior Ideas for Tiny Homes

5 Tiny Home Interior Ideas and Design Tips

If you’re considering making the switch to a tiny home, you’re not alone: According to a recent survey of 2,000 Americans, 56% of people would live in a tiny home and 86% would consider one for their first home purchase. The tiny house movement is booming, so there are more

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Tiny Home Communities

Tiny Home Communities are Exploding All Over the Country Pricey real estate sticker shock and high-interest rates have made traditional home buying options a lot more unattainable in most communities around the nation. Renters also can’t get away from the overinflated prices, with average rents going up in 90% of

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Tiny homes in Arizona: the what, the why, the who and everything else

More and more people are turning to tiny homes as an alternative. Yet, the tiny house movement is not new. In fact, its roots date all the way back to 1845. In fact, Henry David Thoreau enjoyed spending over two years in a tiny cabin on Walden Pond. He had a revelation that helped plant the early seed for the tiny home movement. 

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