6 Elements That Make for Incredible Tiny Homes

Making the jump to tiny living can seem intimidating at first. Research and careful vetting is the best way to confidently choose truly incredible tiny homes. When you go with a trusted tiny home builder, there’s no need to worry about pitfalls such as poor plumbing or not having enough space for daily life.

How can you tell if a tiny home is a true housing solution? Look past the surface for these key elements.

What 6 Elements Make for Incredible Tiny Homes?

Here are the six things to look for when you consider switching to a tiny home.

1. The Basics

Tiny homes with a variety of eye-catching aesthetics light up Pinterest boards and forums all over the internet. These aesthetics range from treehouse-inspired designs to takes on the iconic Shire home from “The Hobbit.” While one of these homes might suffice for vacation rentals or an Airbnb, a permanent home is first and foremost a practical purchase. Incredible tiny homes should be stylish and functional at once.

Luxury Tiny Home Model with Balcony

First, look at the plumbing and electrical setup of your potential tiny home. Does the price cover professionally designed and installed plumbing? Are a water heater and electrical features included? Are the appliances full-sized? Does the home meet the International Residential Code?

Basic amenities in a tiny home can easily be as practical as those in a full-sized home with the right home builder. All of United Tiny Home’s models meet IRC standards and have fully functional electricity and hot water systems, as well as full-sized amenities.

2. Comfortable Living Space

Incredible tiny homes must exceed these basic criteria. When choosing a tiny home, think of your everyday living space needs and consider how well the tiny home meets them.

Tiny homes that come in at under 200 square feet may not be practical for long-term living, especially for families with children or people with disabilities. Some of these ultra-tiny layouts feature one narrow central channel that serves as a kitchen, living room and transitional space. These layouts may not allow you to comfortably perform daily tasks, such as cooking dinner, with others moving around the home.

United Tiny Homes’ floor plans prioritize mobility and space. The Denali is our smallest tiny home at 263 square feet, but its width of 8 feet and 6 inches allows for maneuverable space with full-sized appliances.

The homes in our new Park line are all approximately 400 square feet. This size allows for multiple bedrooms with a spacious central hub that’s easy to navigate.

3. Versatility

One of the most exciting parts of going tiny is the freedom to live in different locations. Tiny houses are naturally versatile, especially when they’re built on DMV-compliant trailers. These homes are easy to drive on highways or industrial roads.

These tiny homes can carry you to different locations that wouldn’t be possible with any other housing option. Any of the 130 U.S. National Park Service campgrounds is a perfect short-term destination for your tiny home adventure, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park outside of Newport, Tennessee.

Make sure your tiny house itself is versatile, too. Incredible tiny homes have layouts that can weather life changes. The Gemini model from United Tiny Homes features a full bedroom and living room on the ground floor, and this tiny home also has a loft space large enough to accommodate two queen beds. A flexible loft space can shift to a hobby room, a child’s room or a guest room depending on your needs.

4. Interior Design

Most tiny homes are designed to be beautiful on the outside, but smart interior design choices make for truly incredible tiny homes. Minimalism is a popular interior design aesthetic for a tiny home because fewer colors and decorations make a space feel more open. However, a skilled tiny home builder can incorporate a variety of aesthetics.

Tiny Home Model with Open Floor Plan - Beach Colors

Look for tiny home builders that show off the interiors of their homes as much or more than the exteriors. Home tour YouTube videos are a great way to get a sense of what it’s like to live in a tiny home. At United Tiny Homes, our interior designs range from the craftsman wood interior of the Denali Extreme to the sophisticated midcentury modern Seville model.

5. Build Quality and Materials

The compact size of tiny homes makes it possible to achieve high-end build quality for less money. Pay close attention to the materials used in any tiny home build, both in basic construction and in accent features.

Unconventional build types, such as a container home or a home made from recycled tin, aren’t as durable as homes built with sturdy traditional materials. Container homes in particular have inadequate space because of their single-layer walls. Insulation, plumbing and electrical wiring are essential features for a baseline level of comfort.

An ideal tiny home has luxury accents as well. The best tiny home builders integrate these features into the base price, rather than requiring endless add-ons. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, artistic dividing screens for lofts and full-sized fireplaces feature in United Tiny Home’s baseline range of options.

6. Affordability

For many people, a lower sticker price is a big motivator for going tiny. Even incredible tiny homes can massively ease a family’s budget. A larger house also costs more money and resources to heat and maintain than a tiny home. If your resolution for the new year is to save money or live more eco-consciously, switching to a tiny home may be the perfect solution.

Modern Tiny Home Model with Front Porch

Standard homes have more square footage and lower overall build quality, which can cost you far more in home repairs. It’s also more expensive and time-consuming to clean a standard home than a tiny home.

There are many affordable options for placing a tiny home as well. Here are a few, with more arriving every day as tiny homes grow in popularity:

  • Buying undeveloped land is much less expensive than buying land with a home. Many plots have electricity and water available, but land for living off grid is even less expensive.
  • Renting land is less expensive than renting a home or apartment.
  • A specialized tiny house community provides neighbors and amenities.

Where Can You Find Incredible Tiny Homes Custom Built From Scratch?

There have never been more comfortable options for incredible tiny homes. Early pioneers such as Randy Jones paved the way for later designs that are more flexible, comfortable and stylish than ever before. At United Tiny Homes, we’re proud to offer a wide array of housing options to fit anyone’s home needs. Contact us to start the process of switching to a perfect tiny home.