Tiny Home Communities are Exploding All Over the Country

Pricey real estate sticker shock and high-interest rates have made traditional home buying options a lot more unattainable in most communities around the nation. Renters also can’t get away from the overinflated prices, with average rents going up in 90% of states around the county.

One solution to an unaffordable buying and renting market is to consider the lifestyle of tiny home communities. A tiny house community is a great option for you to enjoy homeownership, and can help you downsize and lower your cost of living.

In addition, many new tiny home communities provide amazing amenities that make tiny house living enjoyable including a clubhouse, community garden, fire pits, dog park, fitness centers, fishing, fishing docks, and more.

While most tiny home builders have a wait list up to two years, United Tiny Homes offers luxury, affordable housing for homeowners, in as little as ninety days.

Why Live in Tiny Home Communities

A tiny home is a residence that is less than 600 square feet. Many tiny homes are towable, allowing you to move the home to an RV park or mobile home development. Currently, there is what many experts describe as a tiny house movement occurring because it gives tiny house owners more flexibility in your lifestyle along with these other benefits:

  • Lower Costs: Residents of tiny home communities may pay much lower living costs than people in a traditional house. You get the pride of ownership in your own tiny home and a great alternative whether you’re just looking to downsize, or just something more affordable. Because of the smaller square footage, the initial price to buy is often much lower. Additionally, energy and maintenance expenses can be much more affordable in a tiny home.
  • More Eco-Friendly: A tiny home also offers more energy savings than a larger space. Some tiny home communities encourage residents to use sustainable energy, such as solar panels or wind power.
  • Easier Household Management: It is typically much easier to take care of a smaller house, especially if you are an empty nester or single. You have fewer rooms to clean and maintain with a tiny home. Plus, when you’re part of a tiny home community, they have handled a lot of the zoning factors that can play a role in being able to get a tiny house.
  • Fewer Distractions: Because of the small size, you only get what is necessary for your living space in a tiny home. This allows for fewer distractions and flexibility.
  • Higher Quality of Life: People living in tiny home communities may also experience a higher quality of life. These communities often have more opportunities for exploring the outdoors and making connections with neighbors.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most popular places to relocate to if you want to try living in tiny home communities. This state has more sunny days than almost any other place in the U.S., with two of its cities listed in the top five sunniest cities in the nation, Yuma and Phoenix. There are many tiny home communities in Arizona that take advantage of the gorgeous year-round weather.

In addition to the mild weather, Arizona boasts a strong economy and job market for residents. It also offers plenty of unique recreational opportunities, such as hiking, biking, white water rafting and backcountry camping. You can visit many incredible attractions in this state, such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Monument Valley, Petrified Forest National Park, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. You can find lots of tiny home communities near you and get a custom-built home from United Tiny Homes for your new lifestyle.

United Tiny Homes can ship anywhere in the country and provide you a luxury, affordable Tiny Home, delivered in 90 days (or less).

You can find tiny home communities all over the country. When you’re thinking of switching to this simpler life, you should factor in things like cost of living, quality of life and recreational opportunities in the town you want to move to. Regardless of where you want to live, United Tiny Homes offers tiny homes in a variety of designs to match your preferred lifestyle and environment. Get more information and get a quote for your new tiny home today.

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Arizona’s largest city has a thriving tiny home presence. You’ll find many different tiny home communities in Phoenix. Some possible places to check out include Covered Wagon RV Park, Deer Valley RV Park, Green Acres RV Park, Turf Mobile Home Park and Paradise North Park.


Adventure junkies may want to check out the tiny home communities in Flagstaff, near the Grand Canyon and other popular outdoor attractions. Communities here include Black Bart’s RV Park, J & H RV Park and Woody Mountain Campground.


Deep in the Sonora Desert in Tucson, Arizona, you can relocate to cozy tiny home living neighborhoods like Desert Trails RV Park, Diamond J RV Park or Miracle RV Park.


Millions of visitors are drawn to Sedona for its iconic red rock scenery and outdoor sights. You can live here in your own cost-effective tiny home by reserving a spot in the Rancho Sedona RV Park community.


If you want to spend your days golfing and enjoying the desert heat, Mesa may be the right place for you. You can enjoy the tiny home lifestyle at The Resort RV Park, Twin Palms RV Park, Alma Gardens Mobile Home Park or Southern Palms Mobile Home Park.


Glendale is home to the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and a thriving tiny home movement. Tiny home enthusiasts can live at Flamingo Mobile Home Park or Royal Glen Mobile Home Park.


With 299 average days of sunshine per year, Yuma is a top spot for retirees and people wanting more out of life. The tiny home neighborhoods in this area include Goldwater Estates RV and Mobile Home Park and Arizona West RV Park.


For a slower way of living and small-town charm, consider looking at tiny home neighborhoods in Salome, Arizona. Check out Desert Gold RV Parks, Wagon West RV Park or Desert Gem RV Park.


Chandler is a suburb in Phoenix that offers plenty of recreation, coffee shops, shopping, breweries and trendy spots to meet new people. Check out Kon Tiki Mobile Home Park for some options for your new tiny home.


Ajo offers small-town living, a diverse community and incredible scenery outside of your tiny home’s front door. Consider relocating to Ajo Heights RV Park or Belly Acres RV Park.


Travelers come to Wickenburg to experience the clean air and visit one of the many dude ranches in the area. If you want to make this city your new home, Aztec Village RV Park is the place to go.


Quartzsite, Arizona, is a great place to live if you want a low cost of living and lots of potential camping opportunities. Here you can check out tiny home neighborhoods like Quail Run RV Park or Arizona Sun RV Park.


Naco straddles the Arizona and Mexico border and gives residents an opportunity to experience a mix of the two different cultures. Residents in tiny homes enjoy the lifestyle at Bisbee RV Park.

Apache Junction

Apache Junction is full of Arizona’s best attractions, like ghost towns, white water rafting spots and mountains for hiking. You can live at Happy Days RV Park or Buddy’s RV Park if you purchase a tiny home from United Tiny Homes.


The town of Williams, Arizona, is famous for its spiritual energy. It also welcomes tiny home residents in two different communities — Grand Canyon Railway Hotel & RV Park and Canyon Gateway RV Park.


Springerville offers access to the popular Coronado Trail and many different cultural experiences. Residents can enjoy living at a high altitude at Casa Malpais RV Park or other tiny home communities.

Camp Verde

Camp Verde is about an hour from Phoenix and provides something slightly different for Arizona residents. The Verde Valley features wineries, historic attractions and lush vegetation. Tiny home lovers can set up at Distant Drums RV Resort or Clear Creek RV Park and Village Store.


Yuma County’s town of Tacna offers everything for the outdoor recreational lover, such as golf, hiking, mountain biking and gardening. Check out Copper Mountain RV Park if you want to live in a tiny home.


Goodyear is a suburb of Phoenix that takes its name from the legendary tire manufacturer. In this community in the West Valley, you can relocate your tiny home to Cotton Lane RV Park.


Southern Arizona is home to gorgeous desert, the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the town of Why. Why has the tiny home community of Coyote Howls RV Parks for residents who want to downsize.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in California

The tiny homes community movement is also gaining ground in California. Some lawmakers and community organizers are trying to expand tiny home communities in this state to help solve the homelessness epidemic. California has some of the highest living expenses in the nation, so downsizing to a tiny home makes more financial sense for residents. California’s large area gives residents a variety of lifestyles to choose from, including living by the beach, mountains, desert or a large metro area.

California is also home to more tiny home communities than other places in the nation, and lawmakers are working to change local regulations to allow these homes in many different neighborhoods. The Tiny House Block community is located in Southern California’s San Diego metro area for those who want the beach experience. In Northern California, tiny home residents can move to Park Delta Bay for a country-club setting.

Currently, there are numerous locations available to get a tiny home including the bay area, Oakland, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Jose, and California City to name a few.

As the popularity continues to rise, expect more and more cities to open up as well. In fact, although it had been resistant for year, San Francisco announced in the first quarter of 2022, that it’s first tiny home community was being allowed in that area.

Considering the cost of housing a tiny house community can be a great alternative for low-income housing and giving you the ability to enjoy home ownership in a country-club setting.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in Florida

Florida is another part of the U.S. that enjoys plenty of great weather and sunshine. Tiny homes are becoming more popular for people who flock to this state’s lower taxes and affordable prices. Florida is also an attractive relocation destination for older people close to retirement. Some people make Florida their winter residence and aim to escape the colder weather up north for part of the year.

There are plenty of places in Florida to move to if you want to live in a tiny home. Lots of new residents opt for the Orlando area, which is close to the major attractions, such as Disney World and Universal Studios. Orlando Lakefront is a tiny home residential neighborhood in the College Park area of the city. Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Cape Coral are also popular spots that have multiple tiny home neighborhoods for people to consider starting their new lifestyle.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in Texas

Texas is also seeing lots of movement with increased numbers of people moving to the state in the last few years. Texas has a strong economy and plenty of jobs. It also has lots of diversity, legendary cuisine, no income tax, interesting history and affordable prices. Homes here may be cheaper than in other places. Tiny home neighborhoods may also be more affordable for residents who have fewer financial resources.

The first city in the country to allow tiny homes is in a place called Spur, Texas. Spur allows many different non-traditional housing structures including yurts and homes made from the earth. Additionally, tiny home communities are popping up in Austin, Weatherford, Willis, Dallas, Houston and other metro areas of the state. Some places to move to for the tiny home lifestyle could be The Waters Tiny Home Community, Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village, Dennis Acres Tiny Home Community or one of the many RV parks in this state.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in Colorado

Colorado is another place to move to if you want to downsize your life and switch to a tiny home. This state is the place to be for lax marijuana usage laws, economic opportunities, vibrant arts and culture scenes and outdoor recreation opportunities. Colorado is home to the nation’s stunning Rocky Mountains, so winter sports and summer hiking are both possible. You can also find lots of great breweries, historical sites and parks in Colorado.

Many tiny home subdivisions have popped up in different parts of the state. You can move to Salida or Walsenburg if you want a brand-new community with plenty of amenities such as walking trails, retail shops and fitness centers. If you’d rather live in a ski resort area, consider moving your tiny home to Whispering Aspen Village.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in Nevada

The next place to add to your list of potential best places for a tiny home is Nevada. Nevada has a low tax rate compared to other states. If you want a non-stop lifestyle full of exciting things to do, Nevada may be a fulfilling place. Nevada is home to Las Vegas and its world-famous casinos and strip. You can find plenty of entertainment, restaurants and nightlife nearby.

Additionally, Nevada has that dry desert heat that some people prefer. Most well-known tiny home neighborhoods are within driving distance of Las Vegas. There are numerous RV parks that you could move to with a tiny home from United Tiny Homes. The state also features lots of retirement communities for tiny home dwellers, such as Casa del Sol and Sun City Mesquite.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in Washington

If you’d rather not live in a desert or region that experiences hot weather almost all year long, you may be content to relocate to Washington. This state features temperate weather for the most part, but it may also have higher than average rainfall each year. Washington’s climate isn’t the only thing drawing more residents to move here. It also has no income tax, a great job market and lots to do.

People who live in Washington can enjoy outdoor areas like Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountains. If you want to live in a tiny home village, there are eco-friendly options in this state, such as Tiny House Village and Georgetown Tiny House Village outside of Seattle and Tacoma.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in North Carolina

If you are craving some southern hospitality, North Carolina may be the right place to settle down in. This state has lots of famous universities and educational institutions, such as Duke and North Carolina State. Additionally, the North Carolina coastline brings in millions of visitors each year.

There are gorgeous tiny home neighborhoods in the rural mountains of North Carolina or along its awe-inspiring beaches, such as the Outer Banks or the coasts around Wilmington. Some potential new communities for relocation if you are interested in tiny home living include Eden Park, Ocean Sound Village or the Village at Motts Landing.

Tiny Home Communities Movement in Idaho

The last place that may be ideal if you are wanting to downsize to the tiny home lifestyle is Idaho. This state is more than just the most popular place for potato harvesting. Idaho is the place to be if you want rural living in an untouched wilderness.

Many mobile home communities’ welcome different types of tiny homes, depending on the town ordinances. Some villages to look into for a new life in a tiny home are Silvertip in Kuna, Idaho, and Dream River Ranch outside of Boise, Idaho.

The Future of Tiny Homes Nationwide

You can find tiny home communities all over the country. When you’re thinking of switching to this simpler life, you should factor in things like cost of living, quality of life and recreational opportunities in the town you want to move to. Regardless of where you want to live, United Tiny Homes offers tiny homes in a variety of designs to match your preferred lifestyle and environment. Get more information and a quote for your new tiny home today.